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18th July 2019

#BIS2019 are delighted to welcome Curatrix Technologies to Zone E, stand 3 of the Business Innovation South Expo.

Curatrix Technologies is a Managed IT Service provider based in Hampshire, providing high quality and reliable Managed IT Services to both southern based companied and nationally for multi-site clients.

They are a layer three Internet Service Provider delivering their own internet services from gigabit connectivity to fully managed Cloud Services.

21st Century ICT Solutions encompass a vast amount of different platforms covering every corner of the modern business - Curatrix Technologies provides solutions to simplify these technologies, ensuring that your ICT investment is maximised.

Your company can build a safe and secure IT infrastructure, from business communications, VoIP, Cloud Backup to C fibre, Office 365, end user support, licensing and monitoring - why not visit them to discuss your companies requirements on 12th September, Zone 3, stand 3 #ICTSolutions #managedITservices

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18th July 2019

Welcome to Vostron who join Business Innovation South Expo in Zone B, stand 12.

Established in Southampton in 2005, Vostron specialises in providing High-Availability Internet Access, Network Security and IP Telephony Services to SMEs across the UK. Vostron manage every aspect of your communications platform, from Internet Access to Security, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Cloud and Telephony.

Everything is supported as one single service, with pro-active management and guaranteed availability, providing everything you need for success in the Cloud.

Talk to them on 12th Sept in Zone B: Lord Selbourne Stand 12 to find out how they can help you to transform your business.#communicationsolutions #commsplatform #networksecurity


17th July 2019

A new sector joins #BIS2019: managed technology design services/software and electronic engineering services. Welcome ITDev to Business Innovation South Expo to Zone B, stand 9.

ITDev provide fully managed technology design services. Their software and electronics designs touch millions of people every day. Whether it is through their contributions to the Android operating system, or work on broadcast equipment that delivers television content throughout the world, we have all probably experienced the results of some of their projects already.

ITDev is a major supplier of software and electronic engineering services, delivering to the UK, Europe, USA, and worldwide. Since formation in 2000, their work has ranged from independent development of complete systems through to close collaboration with customers on specialist aspects of their projects.

Come and meet their team on 12th September to discuss any requirements your company might have. #technologydesignservices #softwareengineering #electronicengineering


11th July 2019

#BIS2019 are pleased to welcome RT Promotions to the expo in Zone B. It was important for the expo to have supporting items sourced sustainably. RT Promotions achieved that and are also generously sponsoring this element to help the event in its' inaugural year.

RT Promotions has been supplying clients with personalised and promotional branded gifts throughout the UK and Internationally since 2004. RT Promotions has stayed ahead of its competitors over the last decade because of its exacting standards and dedication to quality of service, combined with a core philosophy of providing the very best promotional gifts, at the best possible price.

Promotional branded gifts can add massive value to your marketing message and create brand memories that are both engaging and impactful. On their stand they will have a range of sustainably produced items to show how you can continue promoting your brand but with a clearer conscience - they will also be showcasing items not set to reach the market until 2020. Meet Richard in Zone B on 12th September. #clearconscience #promotionalitems #branding #corporategifts

dstl logo.png

11th July 2019

Another exciting sector joins Business Innovation South Expo, we are delighted to welcome Dstl to Zone A.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is the UK’s leading Government agency in applying Science and Technology (S&T) to the defence and security of the UK. As part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Dstl responds to the S&T direction set by the UK Government’s National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Dstl brings together the defence and security S&T community, including industry, academia, wider Government and international partners, to provide sensitive and specialist S&T services to MOD and wider Government. Dstl only undertakes work in-house for reasons of national security or political sensitivity.

Dstl is responsible for the delivery of the MOD S&T Programme. This accounts for approximately two thirds of Dstl’s total sales, and around half of the Programme’s funding is spent with external suppliers. #defence #scienceandtechnology #laboratory #security

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10th July 2019

We are absolutely delighted to announce Gareth Miller of Carswell Gould as our opening speaker for Business Innovation South Expo.

As MD of Carswell Gould, Gareth works with some of the UK's most ambitious brands and world-class creative minds. His career has spanned both agency and client-side roles and, over the past twenty years, these experiences have given him rare insight into the marketing strategies and tactics that really help businesses succeed.

Gareth's primary focus is to execute marketing communications that deliver an outstanding return on investment for his clients. To achieve this he keeps the agency looking to the future, anticipating trends and providing considered long term solutions.

Carswell Gould were recently invited to contribute to the Hampshire 2050 report commissioned by the Hampshire County Council looking at a vision of the County in 2050 and the impact that will have on work, skills and lifestyle. Gareth will be talking around the business element and the vital role that innovation and creativity will play to keep pace. #innovation #creativity #thefuture

intro carswell gould.png

9th July 2019

#BIS2019 welcome Carswell Gould to Business Innovation South Expo who take the first stand in Zone B. Carswell Gould are proud to be an integrated agency. Their specialism is marketing communications from every angle. They say "we believe tactics mean nothing without solid strategies so, we start there and then leave no stone unturned in our quest to deliver you valued results. In short we practice communication by any means.". Services offered:

* web design and app development

* Influence and PR

* social and digital marketing

* strategy and advisory support

* making and shaping brands

Carswell Gould are involved with many key organisations in the region and play a driving role in delivering the Venturefest South event each year - read their blog.

main hub inc Phoenix 2.png

7th July 2019

Whilst #BIS2019 is very much about providing a showcase for companies within STEM, innovation and servicers aligned to those sectors we are conscious that both our exhibitors and visitors will naturally need access to key service sectors.

With this in mind within the main hub we have drawn together companies from the region who can help with support on: Finance; Law, Cyber Security - covering strategy review, malware protection and end to end encryption; Marketing; Human Resources; Web design; GDPR compliance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to speak to them on the 12th if you have challenges in any of these areas or looking to make changes.

member org logos.png

6th July 2019

At #BIS2019 we have brought together 5 key member organisations from the southern region who combined, bring a huge number of support services, expertise, connectivity, events, and learning opportunities for all size businesses as well as government and local government engagement and lobbying. We are grateful for all their support in promoting this brand new expo that has two specific aims:

to create an affordable showcase in the southern region for companies in STEM, innovation, or servicers aligned to those sectors and industries.

to create a forum for decision makers and procurement execs to address their multiple business challenges in one event.

Time is valuable so take this opportunity to meet them all on 12th September in the Member Hub.

hendy logo.jpg

5th July 2019

EV and hybrid vehicle solutions join Business Innovation South Expo - we are absolutely delighted to welcome Hendy Group to Zone A, helping businesses and fleet managers to address this key challenge.

Hendy Group recently acquired the Westover Group and in so doing have increased their overall EV and hybrid car offerings significantly. Hendy Group will have a showcase of EV and hybrid cars drawn from across their range at the expo catering for different budgets and fleet policy bands.

Across the Hendy Group EV or hybrid cars are featured in the following ranges: Ford Renault Kia Jaguar Hyundai Nissan (Jaguar Landrover have announced today that the EV Jaguar will be built in the UK making it the first luxury EV car to be built in this country) #fleetsolutions #evcars #hybridcars #innovation

solent lep.png

5th July 2019

Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) newsletter features #BIS2019 expo, inviting members to ask themselves two questions:

1) Is your Company in STEM, innovation or a servicer aligned to these sectors - if so, do you have access to the right event to showcase your products and services outside of London?

2) As a decision maker, do you struggle to keep abreast of the latest products and innovations available to help reduce costs/carbon footprint, enhance your services, protect and future proof your business?

If you can answer yes to either question, join us at the Business Innovation South Expo, 12th September, Chilworth Manor, Hampshire.

Solent LEP will be in the Members Hub with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Digital South (Business South), the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and The Business Magazine bringing their combined support services, expertise, government lobbying, connectivity, corporate events and learning opportunities to the expo. #expo #stem #totalsolutionshub

tuv sud logo.jpg

4th July 2019

Business Innovation South Expo are delighted to welcome TUV SUD UK to Zone A - Bringing another new sector and key services to the expo visitors and exhibitors, they are the world's number one brand of choice for premium quality, safety and sustainability solutions that add tangible value to your business.

TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading technical service providers of testing, product certification, auditing, systems certification, training and knowledge services. TÜV SÜD in the UK - seven brands, one family: TÜV SÜD BABT; TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman; TÜV SÜD NEL; TÜV SÜD Nuclear Technologies; TÜV SÜD - Product Service Division; TÜV SÜD - Real Estate Fleet Powered by over 150 years of experience, they have grown to over 850 locations worldwide with 24,000 employees acting as process partners to customers, wherever their business is located. #technicalservices #productcertification #auditing #systemscertification #fleetlogistics

freedom-ngbailey logo.png

4th July 2019

Facilities and Power engineering services and technology joins the Business Innovation South Expo as we welcome Freedom Group to Zone A.

Freedom is a leading provider of Facilities and Power engineering services and part of the NG BAILEY GROUP LIMITED Freedom is a provider of technical engineering and maintenance services which range from recurring maintenance activities to the end-to-end delivery of replacement and new build capital projects. They have a broad range of products and are committed to ensuring sustainability is an integral part of their business #BIS2019 is a brand new expo in the south providing a showcase for companies in STEM, innovation and their servicers. Could it be the showcase for your business? #facilities #technicalengineering #powerengineering #maintenanceservices

ssp logo smaller.png

3rd July 2019

Business Innovation South Expo are absolutely delighted to welcome The Southern Sustainability Partnership to Zone A Promoting #sustainability. At The Southern Sustainability Partnership they strive to help businesses become more efficient and sustainable by providing...

* Information & Signposting * Events & Activities * Consulting & Support

Their definition of a Sustainable Business? One that isn't wasting money, is actually improving its bottom line - has future-proofed investments - as far as is possible, isn’t exposed to unnecessary risk and attracts the best, most motivated workforce! The Southern Sustainability Partnership: Driving Corporate Sustainability, Environmental Management and Social Value in the Private and Public Sector #bestpractice #carbonfootprint

#BIS2019 have brought together a niche group of businesses whose combined expertise, products and services and connectivity can help visitors and other exhibitors to address the key task of minimising carbon footprint. Be sure to visit them throughout Zone A on 12th September.

so university logo.jpg

3rd July 2019

Business Innovation South Expo are delighted to welcome University of Southampton on board taking Zone G for the inaugural 2019 event.

The University will be exhibiting to highlight that they are Open for Business for research and enterprise collaborations.

The university's involvement across the region is far reaching and they look forward to showcasing their extensive engagement with SMEs from collaborative projects to student placements, to professional development training and more.

The University will be highlighting the various funding streams that the SME community can benefit from to support their research and development activities through SPRINT, Scale up and the SET Squared partnership to name a few.

They will be introducing their corporate sector partnership work and the various university enterprise units that support industry partners.

There will be a technology, innovation and research showcase to demonstrate the activities currently under development in collaboration with business partners.

deep south media logo.png

1st July 2019

Deep South Media join some of the exhibitors as they come together to talk about why they feel it’s important to get behind this new regional expo, what innovations means to them and how they are already benefiting. Companies involved were: Aura Digital Living; Southampton Science Park; Custodian 360 and MediaBase Direct.

zone f intro.png

27th June 2019

Zone F is filled! So delighted to have Aura Technology, Trinsic ® and Maincoms Ltd at the expo bringing their sectors and expertise - with exhibitors working together through connecting via the online community #BIS2019 has already been a #catalystforcollaboration Someone commented this week that with each new sector coming on board the event will become a #totalsolutionshub for decision makers and procurement executives" which was wonderful because that is one of our key aims. The must go to event to help resolve your current business challenges. #telecomssolutions #seo #businesscommunications #integratedofficesystems #cloudhostedtools #procurement
#itsolutions #procurement

intro logical energy.png

21st June 2019

Renewable Energy joins Business Innovation South Expo - we are absolutely delighted to welcome Logical Energy Consultants as an exhibitor in Zone A.

Ageing lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems are not only poorly performing, expensive to run and maintain, they also have a significant negative impact on the environment. Logical Energy Consultants is a local business offering expertise-led audits and installations of high efficiency LED lighting, heating, Air-conditioning and renewable technologies such as biomass, air source heat pumps and solar PV.

Reducing carbon footprint is an urgent issue for any company and can be achieved through reviewing key aspects of your business, #BIS2019 are engaging a group of exhibitors that will help any size company achieve those reviews so watch out for future welcome
#greenpower #renewableenergy

logo so science park.png

18th June 2019

Business Innovation South Expo are delighted to welcome the University of Southampton Science Park as an exhibitor. Offering flexible working spaces, beautiful surroundings, innovation spaces and state of the art laboratories, the Southampton Science Park is an award winning business location, home to the visionaries who see beyond today, the innovators who shape tomorrow, the businesses that break through, the game changers in society. Meet their team in Zone A on the 12th and see your future differently at University of Southampton Science Park. #innovation #flexibleworkspace #stateoftheart #businesscommunity

streamsoft logo.png

13th June 2019

Zone A of Business Innovation South Expo gains another exhibitor - we are delighted to welcome StreamSoft Development as an exhibitor. StreamSoft are a bespoke software development company for growing or medium to large businesses. Typically working to solve time wasting, improve working efficiency and integrating systems for cost savings. In addition, with their simple mobile app options, you choose which app features you want, to get your business into the mobile market - you can talk to StreamSoft Development at #BIS2019 #softwaredevelopment #integratingsystems #appdevelopment

MyVIP Card logo.png

9th June 2019

Innovation can come in many ways and we are delighted that Business Innovation South EXPO has inspired regional award winning My VIP Card to exhibit in Zone A, with the aim of specifically showcasing this hugely successful discount card scheme to businesses across the south who want to build on their staff engagement by rewarding and recognising them. With over 4000 participating companies providing discounts both with a regional and national presence if a business signs up to this card for their staff as part of a rewards package it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Helping employees to save money and enjoy a better work life balance will only reap rewards for you, the employer in making staff feel valued, happier and healthier as well as potentially reducing staff turnover and recruitment costs... #happystaff #staffengagement #staffrewardscheme

thinkers logo.png

7th June 2019

Zone A of Business Innovation South Expo continues to grow - we are delighted to welcomes Thinkers as an exhibitor. Thinkers help organisations tackle the challenges that arise when business meets software. Whether buying, selling, designing or implementing software, they help management teams to make well-thought-out decisions, and then run projects to make things happen. - you can talk to Thinkers at #BIS2019 see Oct 2018 Hants Chamber article #systemconsultants #erpsystems #crmsystems

fairline logo.png

6th June 2019

Business Innovation South Expo welcomes it's 11th exhibitor to Zone A and the luxury yachting industry: Fairline Yachts. The spirit of adventure drives everything they do. Success, perfection, and the ultimate in luxurious experiences are all destinations they are heading for - you can talk Fairline at #BIS2019 #exciting #adventure #luxuryyacht #showcasingthesouth

the fd centre logo.png

5th June 2019

Business Innovation South Expo welcomes it's l0th exhibitor to Zone A: the fd centre. The part-time Finance Director specialists helping entrepreneurs scale rapidly, increase cash, profit and company valuation. With a team comprising the UK’s highest calibre Finance Directors delivering exceptional results for their clients irrespective of industry sector - you can talk to the fd centre at #BIS2019 #finance #direction

localiq logo.png

5th June 2019

Business Innovation South Expo welcomes it's latest exhibitor to Zone A, LOCALiQ, the digital marketing service helping your company build it's online presence (part of the Newsquest Group). Find out how LOCALiQ could help your business increase its online presence at #BIS2019 ! #digitalmarketing #newsquest

logo varese secure.png

4th June 2019

Business Innovation South Expo welcomes it's latest exhibitor to Zone A: Varese-secure Ltd, suppliers of equipment for secure and cost-effective destruction of company hard drives and solid state media. Discover how you could save money versus outsourcing to a third-party disposal service – talk to Varese at #BIS2019 #datasecurity #gdprcompliance #solutions

deep south media logo.png

1st June 2019

Deep South Media article on launching Business Innovation South Expo to their followers outline the aims for this brand new regional expo.


31st May 2019

Article about Business Innovation South Expo in The Business Magazine


31st May 2019

Business Innovation South Expo welcomes it's latest exhibitor to Zone A - an innovative approach for this forward thinking council to engage with regional businesses.

New Milton has been putting itself on the innovation map as a home to tech start-ups - Find out why New Milton Town Council is welcoming tech start-ups through IncuHive Innovation Centre at Business Innovation South Expo - (1Gb line & 5G testing); u/fast fibre; direct train: 1h40 London, 30m Southampton, 15m Bournemouth and just 2 miles from sea and forest!

aura digital living logo.png

23rd May 2019

Smart intelligent technology joins Business Innovation South Expo - welcome aura digital living to Zone A.

aura provide design-led, reliable and cost effective residential and commercial ‘intelligent building’ solutions. These innovatively combine the control of heating, lighting, blinds and access control to increase occupier comfort, energy efficiency and security - and naturally result in reducing carbon footprint and costs.

your lead machine logo.png

21st May 2019

We welcome Your Lead Machine to the exhibitors in Zone A. Many SME's outsource key areas of support and as experts in b2b sales lead generation YLM can save you precious time by making sales calls and setting appointments. Come and meet the team to discuss how they can support your business growth.

stanbury chameleon logo.png

20th May 2019

We welcome Stanbury Chameleon to the exhibitors in Zone A. In 2018 they became 1 of only 10 printers in the UK to be recognised as "carbon balanced" by the World Land Trust. Reducing carbon footprint is a key issue for every business - come and meet them in Zone A on 12th September to discuss your printing needs whilst achieving a lower carbon footprint.

Business South logo.png

15th May 2019

We are delighted to confirm a final addition to the main expo hub. Digital South, key Action Group of Business South will be joining the other member organisations in the main hub. Alongside the other member organisations being represented this is a fantastic addition to the event benefitting our exhibitors and visitors as they bring their connectivity, knowledge of technology and regional engagement and support to the event.

daily echo logo.png

30th April 2019

The Daily Echo support expo with article about this inaugural STEM and innovation expo for the southern region.

Our two aims?

1) to provide an affordable showcase in the south for companies within STEM, innovation and service sectors aligned to them.

2) to create a powerful forum where decision makers and procurement execs can address multiple key challenges in one day whilst taking advantage of the expertise and connectivity within the service sector and members hubs.

the BUS-MAG-LOGO4-2.jpg

26th April 2019

We are pleased to confirm that The Business Magazine are joining the Business Innovation South Expo day taking a stand in the Service Sector main hub to promote their latest awards, the South Coast Tech Awards launching at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl this December.


25th April 2019

The Business Magazine article on #BIS2019 expo coming to the region and those it can help, both exhibitors and visitors. The Business Magazine join the FSB, Solent LEP, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Digital South (Business South) in the Members Hub.

mediabase-direct logo.png

25th April 2019

MediaBase Direct join our exhibitors in Zone A. In addition to taking a stand MediaBase have generously offered to provide the event registration system which will ensure the smoothest registration possible for our exhibitors and visitors using pre-allocated QR codes.

FSB logo.jpg

25th April 2019

Business Innovation South grows even stronger - we are delighted to announce that the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) are joining the Expo day with a stand in the Service Sector main hub. Another great addition to the event both for our exhibitors and visitors as they bring their support services, lobbying voice with Westminster, expertise and UK wide network to the event.

NOC and Shtpoint logos.png

24th April 2019

We welcome the National Oceanography Centre and southpoint films to the exhibitors in Zone A.

The National Oceanography Centre is the United Kingdom’s centre of excellence for oceanographic sciences. They have a remit to provide national capability and leadership for big ocean science from coast to deep ocean, making sense of our changing seas - incorporating science, technology development, science for business, national facilities and micro plastics research.

Working from their studio in Southampton, south point film’s mission is to help every business or organisation utilise the power of video within their digital marketing and communications strategies. They offer complete video production solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes from promotional videos to training films and event coverage. Whether you’re looking for full video production services or simply wish to tap into their professional resources as needed.

solent lep.png

17th April 2019

We are delighted to confirm that the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are joining the Business Innovation South Expo day and will be hosting a stand in the Service Sector main hub. This is a fantastic addition to the event both for our exhibitors and visitors and we are grateful to LEP Executive team for bringing their knowledge and connectivity to the event.

ocean saviour logo.jpg

14th April 2019

We are delighted to confirm that Ocean Saviour are joining the Business Innovation South Expo day with a speaker session.

It was important that a not for profit organisation or charity be given a presence at the expo that is aligned with the theme of innovation within the science, technology and engineering fields and therefore have complete synergy with the event. We believe Richard Roberts’ session will be of great interest both for our exhibitors and visitors and if we are able to give Ocean Saviour the opportunity to raise awareness of their project, progress to date and the need for funding that is wonderful.

Plastic pollution in our seas is a critical issue to address with shocking stories coming out on a daily basis.

HCoCAsset 1@2x-100.jpg

8th March 2019

We are delighted to confirm that the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce are joining the Business Innovation South Expo day and will be hosting an Export Clinic in the Service Sector main hub. This is a fantastic addition to the event both for our exhibitors and visitors and we are so grateful to Maureen Frost and her team for bringing their support to the event.

serocu logo.jpg

5th March 2019

We are delighted that Dan Maund of the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) will be holding 3 free 1.5 hour seminars for exhibitors on cyber security and strategy development for companies.

8 spaces are available on each seminar and the 3 seminars will be held across the day so up to 24 exhibiting companies can benefit from this offer. Booking a space is dependent on having booked your stand - only 1 space will be made available to any exhibiting company on a first come first served basis.

BE Logo POS.jpg

1st March 2019

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Beyond Encryption will be joining the Service Sector exhibitors at Business Innovation South Expo. Their tailored indentity secured protection will surely become a standard practice means of transferring sensitive data for all businesses in the future. More news to follow next week about an amazing offer from SEROCU on how they will be helping 24 lucky exhibitors with cyber awareness and planning.


We are delighted to have Steve Northam of BioTeq and IncuHive as one of our BIS Expo guest speakers on 12th September. You can see Steve on Inside Out South this evening, BBC one, talking about their human microchip as one of the teams snr researchers has agreed to an implant. #BIS2019

check back for the latest news and updates.