The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a partnership between business, education and local authorities. Together we play a leading role in determining economic priorities in our region and investing to drive economic growth and job creation. 

Our vision is to invest and empower the region now so that the Solent will be a productive and thriving region in 2050. To do this we work together to do the following:

·  Growing the skills base & supporting business growth

·  Enhancing transport connectivity

·  Enabling flagship sites for housing and employment


In summing up these goals we use #Solent2050

Some of our most recent achievements include:

  • More than 270 small and medium-sized businesses funded with more than £10m in grant fundingOver 3,500 new homes completed 

  • More than 9, 500 learners supported  

  • Nearly 6,000 jobs created

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