The South’s first large-scale expo when established companies from within the science, technology, engineering and innovation sectors and their aligned servicers can showcase the latest products and services available to businesses across the region.

17th September 2020


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Two questions to ask yourself

  1. Does your company have access to the right showcase event for your products and services outside of London?

  2. As a decision maker do you struggle to keep up to speed with the latest products and technology to reduce costs and carbon footprint, enhance your services, protect and future proof your business?

If you can answer yes to either of these questions then join us at the BIS Expo on 17th September 2020 (venue tbc) - either as an exhibitor or an attendee - because it has been specifically created with you in mind.

For exhibitors, the BIS Expo will showcase companies within these sectors and, for our attendees, provide the opportunity to see the latest technology and services available to help them drive their business forward.

Across the South we have a strong record of research, innovation and development within the STEM sectors. Well recognised centres of excellence and yet across the region there are few opportunities for businesses to come together on a large-scale showcasing themselves, their products and services both with potential customers and amongst their peers.